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  The links below contain information on general interest sites relating to football and shirt collecting. We are always happy to provide links to other collectiors sites containing genuine and interesting collections. Please feel free to get in touch should you wish to link to us.

Sunderland Interest sites: - Home of the Former Sunderland Players association. Great site with lots of useful information on past players and their careers along with current issues and interviews - Official site of Sunderland Football Club - Main Sunderland message board for all things SAFC - Sunderland fans site with excellent content - The best Sunderland AFC Historical site out there bar none. Paul and the guys at BlueHouse Field have put together an amazing collection of historical information. A fascinating read. - Cracking blog with match reports and interviews for all things SAFC - The Roker Light is dedicated to the history of Sunderland football club and the supporters.

General Shirt Interest: - Great shirt web site and information database for all things shirts - Excellent history site on shirts with good pictures and club selections - Football matchworn forum. New forum that promises to be a great source of information and contact for shirt collectors wrold wide. - General memorabilia forum but concentrates on match worn shirts and other football items. Lively discussion forum for all things shirts
Collectors Sites: - Shakeys fantastic collection of Wales match worn shirts through the ages. A great resource for anything Wales and surely a site to aspire to. - Linden's great collection of Northern Ireland shirts, caps boots... in fact any Northern Ireland. The site is greatly enhanced by the addition of a couple of Sunderland shirts!  - The personal site of the foremost collector in the UK. A work in progress that promises to contain some of the greatest pieces of football memorabilia in existance. - The best Man Utd shirt collection on the web. A stunning collection through the ages - Robs great site housing some of his vast shirt collection! -  Shakeys headline site with some great shirts and links to the more specialised areas of his collection. - Robs fine collection of Leicester City shirts - Stuarts great Celtic shirt site - Grahams fine collection of Irish league and general match worn shirts - check out James's cracking Arsenal collection on this site  Have a l ook at Simon's great collection of Mansfield Town shirts